Saturday, 8 July 2017

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India is very famous for its religions and we give a great respect to all the vedas and purans. Mahabharata and Ramayana are the most beautiful creations of India which we have given to the world. The famous Guru Ved Vyas ji is the one who has written the longest Puran Mahabharata and given 4 Vedas to the Indians. So in India and abroad also students prefer to give much respect to their Gurus.

Guru Purnima Wishes, Image Wishes

“Yasya deve para bhaktir yatha deve tatha gurau
Tasyaite kathitaa hi arthaaha prakashante mahatmanaha”
This means, Guru to be worshipped in the same manner as the God,
to attain all there is to attain on the path of God-realization.
When we realize this then there is a need to search for someone to teach you!

Mitthe Lagde Guru Ji Tere Bol….
Sad Rakhi Guru Ji Charna De Kol….
Sab Sangat Nu Guru Purnima Di…
Lakh Lakh Wadhayi Hove!…
Dhyaana molam guror murtih….
Pooja molam guror padam….
Mantra moolam guror vakyam….
Moksha molam guror kripa….

The greatest gift on planet Earth,
Is the rare event of an enlightened Master,
Happening in one’s life,

He is the ultimate luxury


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