Saturday, 8 July 2017

Guru Purnima Greetings in Marathi, Images, Wishes, Poems, Speeches 2017

Come here for the latest collection of Guru Purnima Greetings in Marathi, Images,Guru Purnima Wishes in Marathi, Guru Purnima Poems in Marathi, Guru Purnima Short Speech in Marathi and many more….

All across the nation Guru Purnima is celebrated with great respect. Not only the Hindu’s but every religion is taking part in this festival celebrations. The Guru Purnima is something related to a Teacher and Student relationship. In today’s tradition and language Outgoing from Guru is what we can say the incoming to the Student, but still respect and devotion is still the same for Gurus.

Guru Purnima Greetings in Marathi, Images, Wishes, Poems, Speeches

Dhyaana molam guror murtih
Pooja Moolam guror padam,
Mantra moolam Guror vakyam,
Moksha molam guror kripa..

Many Teachers Came In My Life,
But I Don’t Think About The Rest,
When It Comes To Making A,
Difference You Are Certainly Better,
**Than The Best Happy Guru Purnima**

As you walk with the Guru,
you walk in the light of Existence,
away from the darkness of ignorance,
You leave behind all the problems of your life and,
move towards the peak experiences of life,
**Happy Guru Purnima**

Best Wishes to you on this Guru Purnima 2017


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